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Hello improv friends!

I'm glad you're here. Did you know that? Hi. Lots of really exciting classes and jams going on.


One of the things I think that's particularly fun about online improv is it makes you think outside of the box for how to accomplish things.


There are many things that you THINK you can't do with online. Today let's take physicality for a walk. I like to remind people who say "you can't really move around doing online improv" (and I've heard this a bunch) about how many times I have bruised myself doing this stuff. I'M NOT PROUD! It's many times. I'm kinda clumsy (and yeah, I used to do dance fitness teaching for yeeeears). But you can get lost in a scene and throw yourself around and suddenly you're crashing into your green screen or kicking a box against a wall.


(Did you get injured dancing, jen? Yeah... I got carried away. I also split my pants a few times.)


(Also like... don't be me. Be more careful than me. You don't need to bruise yourself.)


(Wow I'm not selling this. At all.)


Okay. If you can, stand up. If you can't, imagine that stuff. Use your upper body if that's available to you. The main thing here is to use what you can. See what you can. It's possible to let go and get into it, even if you're not on a stage. It's possible to let go and see yourself on the stage. I used to be on a stage for years, it was my full time job. I can still kinda see myself on one in my basement, sorta (though mostly wherever our scene is set, as I would in theory... on a stage).


Character class

I have a character class coming up on Sunday Sep 24th with WGIS. It will have new character exercises designed to really help you let go and commit in a scene. Stuff we can't do in a jam. Want to give it a try? You do?! Great. We'll do lots of characters with strong POVs and specific details you can play with in scenework. It's currently sold out, but get on the waitlist because spots often open up




Submit your Online Improv Class, Jam, Show, Team, Livestream

You can now submit your improv stuff to the FlatImprov.com website. It will appear as a page, and you can add things to the calendar. I added new categories for comedy writing and online teams, and you can opt to add classes (etc) to the calendar.


Calendar Returns

As mentioned above, you can opt to add your class, jam, show, livestream to the calendar. The calendars are now live here (again).


When you add a class on the submit form, you can have it add directly to the Google Calendar now. If it's a recurring class (series), I'll make that happen quickly.


Twitch Shows

WGIS Online Teams are about to resume for Season 2 on Weegis Twitch, which is great. That's all. Does your school or team have a Twitch or YouTube for your shows? You can add your school's streaming location or online team to the website so people can find you. Do that here.

Picture of buttons to submit online improv
Submit Online Improv Class, Jam, Livestream, School, Coaching, or Podcast to the site
You can submit your online improv class, workshop, jam, livestream, school, coaching practice or podcast to FlatImprov.com. This will create a new page on the website for your improv thing. And it costs you nothing.
Poster with text Let's talk improv with Sarah Claspell, September 23 at 9am Pacific time. Online event, and URL is http://weeg.is/talk and a link to the school and classes wgimprovschool.com. Photo of Sarah Claspell in front of a dark purple background.

September 2023's Nerd Chat is now called Let's Talk Improv! And we're so lucky to have Sarah Claspell joining us. We will chat about whatever YOU want to talk about, so bring questions or topics that you want to ask Sarah about.


Sarah is an amazing teacher and human. Learn more.



https://weeg.is/talk (online, this takes you to zoom).


September 23, 9am PT/12pm ET.

Free Upcoming Jams

These are fun.

Remember to support the schools/orgs who host any free jams (etc) you attend by going to the odd class at the school or with the host. Supporting their work keeps the jams running and/or free!

  • Soon! Register now! Thursday September 14, 9am PT: Queen City Long Form Jam hosted by Jen. Register free.
  • Friday September 15, 11am PT: WGIS Long Form Jam (someone is hosting). Zoom link
  • Friday September 15, 5pm PT: WGIS Long Form Jam (Jen is hosting). Zoom link. [We'll hang out afterwards - post jam hang.]
  • Sunday September 17, 9am PT: The Disaster form with Keri (more below). Eventbrite link.

Got one to mention in the next newsletter? You can submit it now. Online. Using this form.

Upcoming WGIS (Weegis) Classes

A bunch of new classes were announced at WGIS (world's niftiest improv school) a few weeks ago, then went online. Since then, more classes have been added!  Below are the classes that have open spots. You can also go to the website and get yourself added to waitlists for other classes.


Post Class HANG!

There's a post-class hangout room for WGIS classes, team shows, and jams. Read more about WGIS hangout room here. I've done this for the past couple classes I've gone to and it's been nice to get to know people better.


You'll get a link to the hangout room with all class reminder emails.


Multi-class Workshops:

Date noted is first class of series. There are more classes online with waitlists.

One Day Workshops:

Free Online Shows

Free on Twitch:

Other Online Improv Livestreams:

Have an online show or livestream you want on this list in the next newsletter? (Free or not free). Or maybe an improv podcast we should hear? Submit that ish.

Submitted Podcast & Online Improv!

This podcast & online improv event were submitted to us!

Improv Interviews
Podcast Description: Improv Interviews is hosted by Margot Escott, LCSW, a clinical social worker and improv teacher. She uses applied improv for diverse people such as those who suffer from…
The Disaster
Event Description: Learn how to perform The Disaster, an improv form about interpersonal tensions rigged to explode in one big disaster. Event Website: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/712526434747 Event Date & Time: 09/17/2023 09:00…
Learn Improv Online- Level 1 Thursdays AEST @ Improv Hub
Event Description: Let's have some fun and learn new skills! (no experience necessary) This 4-week course will introduce you to the art of improv with a focus on core improvisational…


I guess that's it! Thanks for taking a walk with me. Thanks for reading. Thanks for BEING YOU!


Support this newsletter by taking a class or something to keep online improv alive n kicking. Yay classes! Yay online improv! It's REAL LIFE!


Things are getting weird around the farm.


Thanks for taking improv online! I hope to see you in a class or jam soon! But seriously. Reply if you have any questions or just want to chat improv nerd stuff.



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