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Hello improv friends!

There's a lot of stuff going on, so I'm sending out a shorter bonus newsletter. Sorry or yay?


Tomorrow (Thursday) I'm part of an online show listed below (hosted by Highwire) that you can watch on YouTube. Come check it out


Also I've created an interest list for coached practice sessions - let me know your availability. Need something related in the meantime? Just reply to this email.


Character class

I have a character class coming up on Sunday Sep 24th with WGIS. It will have new character exercises designed to really help you let go and commit in a scene. Stuff we can't do in a jam. Want to give it a try? You do?! Great. We'll do lots of characters with strong POVs and specific details you can play with in scenework. It's currently sold out, but get on the waitlist because spots often open up


It will be fun.

Coached Practice Session Interest
Are you interested in coached practice sessions with Jen? Character stuff, details, justification, exercises, drills, and more improv stuff. Let me know about your availability in this very simple form. When a session is scheduled, I will let the email list know and you can sign up! This might turn into a regular weekly deal with a free monthly jam for anyone who comes to sessions (if there's enough interest.) So let me know!
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Submit Online Improv Class, Jam, Livestream, School, Coaching, or Podcast to the site
You can submit your online improv class, workshop, jam, livestream, school, coaching practice or podcast to FlatImprov.com. This will create a new page on the website for your improv thing. And it costs you nothing.
Poster with text Let's talk improv with Sarah Claspell, September 23 at 9am Pacific time. Online event, and URL is http://weeg.is/talk and a link to the school and classes wgimprovschool.com. Photo of Sarah Claspell in front of a dark purple background.

Don't forget that September 2023's Let's Talk Improv is happening THIS WEEKEND! And we're so lucky to have Sarah Claspell joining us. We will chat about whatever YOU want to talk about, so bring questions or topics that you want to ask Sarah about.


Sarah is an amazing teacher and human. Learn more.



https://weeg.is/talk (online, this takes you to zoom).


September 23, 9am PT/12pm ET.

Improv Livestreams

See the full calendar! There is also a show that recently streamed on September 16 (submitted by First Coast Comedy) that you can still view on YouTube. Check it out!

Free online shows:

Other Online Improv Livestreams:

Have an online show or livestream you want on this list in the next newsletter? (Free or not free). Or maybe an improv podcast we should hear? Submit that ish.

Submitted Podcast & Online Improv!

This podcast & online improv event were submitted to us! See the full calendar too!

Beating the Worry Monster – Improv for Anxiety
Event Description: Leave your cares at the door! Or bring them-you're still welcome. Come play…
The Joy is in the Journey – Improv in Recovery
Event Description: This 4-week online workshop is for folks who are in recovery and want…
Muprov Musings
Podcast Description: Muprov Musings is an instructional podcast for long-form, narrative improv! We do multi-episode…
Jace Spam Presents
Event Description: Jace Spam returns to Highwire Improv with a full hour of improv featuring…


Before I go: I've resumed taking web design/development work, instructional design, and similar. I would love to do more stuff in the improv space, but happy to entertain any serious project. I've worked in web software, instructional design, community, and education professionally for almost 25 years. More info


Bye! Jen

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