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Hello improv friends!

Hi there nice humans! Hope you are all doing well. It's getting cold and wet and it's nice to be inside doing online improv.

Lately I've been taking classes learning the Podcast Form. We have an informal online class show this Thursday (Oct 19) on Twitch. Part of the form involves making up fictitious podcast names and networks. So this video (see below) made me laugh, as it involves both that and some improv callouts.

But really it's the end of the video, which got personal. As I grow crops. And do improv and podcasts from my basement. Huh.

Class & Practice Sessions

My last jam for 2023 is November 9th, but, HEY, I have a fun fun fun HOLIDAY CLASS coming up on December 18th!

You will get the setup in this class, which means you can just run with a scene, get creative, and get out of your head. Characters and big choices will be ENCOURAGED. The challenge? Every scene will have an elf that is placed on a shelf in it... somewhere. Don't know that story? Don't like holidays? THAT'S OKAY! Really. Truly. No homework, and elves are just like... elves. That happen to be sitting and like... being weird and perhaps somewhat creepy... on a shelf, somewhere. "Whatever that means to you."

If you like fun, and you like improv, this class is for you.

Get Setup: Elf on Shelf Scenes. Monday Dec 18 11am-1pm PT online improv class

Monday Dec 18 11am-1pm PT

Sign up:



But I want to see YOUR face, so... there's that. Hi friend!


Practice Sessions?

If you're interested in affordable 2 hour practice session with drills and exercises, please let me know your availability and interest here. I hope to start something up after the holidays!


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One way: Screencap this thing, share this link. Or share the archive.


If you know someone who runs classes who might want to promote them, feel free to forward this email to them. We all benefit by knowing about inclusive online improv. More online access is good for us all!


QUESTIONS ABOUT ANY OF THIS STUFF? EMAIL ME!!!!! I like talking about special interests. If you know me, I felt that eyeroll!! ha. You're right. I eyerolled myself.

Upcoming Improv Jams

These are fun. Sign up for my second to last improv jam of 2023 with Queen City on Oct 26. Feel free to email me if you ever have issues with eventbrite links.

Remember to support the schools/orgs who host any free jams (etc) you attend by going to the odd class at the school or with the host. Supporting their work keeps the jams running and/or free!

  • Friday October 20, 11am PT: WGIS Long Form Jam (someone is hosting). Zoom link
  • Friday October 20, 5pm PT: WGIS Long Form Jam (Jen is hosting). Zoom link. [We'll hang out afterwards - post jam hang.]
  • Thursday October 26, 9am PT: Queen City Comedy Long Form Jam (Jen is hosting). Register for free.
  • Thursday October 26, 10am PT: Disaster improv form. Register for free.
  • Friday October 27, 11am PT: WGIS Long Form Jam (someone is hosting). Zoom link
  • Friday October 27, 5pm PT: WGIS Long Form Jam (Adam is probably hosting). Zoom link. [We'll hang out afterwards - post jam hang.]

Got one to mention in the next newsletter? You can submit it now. Online. Using this form.

Upcoming WGIS (Weegis) Classes

New classes including holiday type classes have been added to the WGIS site. You can also go to the class page and get added to the waitlist. Spots open up! Or another instance of the same class will be added based on waitlist popularity. Recommend the waitlist.


Post Class HANG!

There's a post-class hangout room for WGIS classes, team shows, and jams. Read more about WGIS hangout room here. I've done this hang for many classes and it's been GREAT to get to know people better.


You'll get a link to the hangout room with all class reminder emails.


Multi-class Workshops:

Date noted is first class of series. These classes have spots left! There are more on the Weegis Website that are full but you can join the waitlist.

One Day Workshops:

These NOV/DEC workshops have space left! There are MANY MORE on the website here you can get on the waitlist for! 


Improv Livestreams

I mean wow look at all these improv livestreams!

Free on Twitch:

Other Online Improv Livestreams:

Have an online show or livestream you want on this list in the next newsletter? (Free or not free). Or maybe an improv podcast we should hear? Submit that ish.

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I guess that's it! Thanks for taking a walk with me. Thanks for reading. Thanks for BEING YOU!


Support this newsletter by taking a class or something to keep online improv alive n kicking. Yay classes! Yay online improv! It's REAL LIFE!


Things are getting weird around the farm.


Thanks for taking improv online! I hope to see you in a class or jam soon! But seriously. Reply if you have any questions or just want to chat improv nerd stuff.



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