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Dear really cool improv friends,

We are heading into the year and a bunch of new online (flat!) classes, jams and shows have dropped.

One livestream show that I really enjoyed in late 2023 was called And Scene (Caveat, NYC), which was the same general idea as a short form (!) game called Actor's Nightmare. A favorite of mine: One person reads from a script, scene partner improvises.

That's the idea of the And Scene show. It's stunning how well some of the scenes just work. Incredible, really. (BTW, there's another And Scene livestream on Jan 15).

Livestreams at places n stuff

Oh yeah speaking of livestreams, I'm testing some out on a Facebook page I just made here (I wasn't gonna do a FB page, but then I did), and on FlatImprov Twitch. The podcast, WNIS show, etc. I don't know how much I'll use them, but they're there. These spots create events and give you event listings for livestreams I run so you can get a notif or whatnot to remind ya. I'll link jams there too maybe. 

Podcasts & Articles

Another two episodes of the Neurodiversity & Improv podcast are up on my Substack. I'm surprised I'm even doing this, but here we are.


Link: Episode 7: Fast and Slow Edits in Improv.

Details: How does your neurodiversity (especially top-down and bottom-up thinking) affect the way you edit, and how and when you do so in a scene or a show?

Committing to YOUR weird brain in improv Neurodiversity and Improv podcast white text on dark yellow

Link: Episode 8: Committing to YOUR weird brain in improv

Details: This episode talks about ways to commit hard to yourself, and what YOU bring to the table as a unique, neurodivergent, thinker. When can you let go and be yourself?

Neurodiversity & Improv Podcast page (with subscribe box):

Two more episodes out of the World's Nerdiest Improv Show (WNIS) (weenis) with Katrina Charles. This show is hosted in a fully custom immersive environment, and we make some ads that roll in the middle.

Episode 2 Chik'n Noodle Soup: Link (33 min)

Episode 3 Pea Soup: Link

WNIS Show page:



NEW! Weegis LABS.


Learn a new form & do custom streaming directed online show!

This class is taking applications for the first team to do the improvsied Morning Show online. We're developing characters and world building leading to a four show series that will stream on Twitch, and other streaming platforms (Facebook, YouTube). We are NOT USING ZOOM for the shows! Let's do something new, eh?

Questions? Reply to this email!

Weegis LABS: Improvised Morning Show (Classes & Shows)

Learn a new improv form called the Morning Show that focuses on character development, streamlined edits, and a new streaming delivery method. We’re not using zoom for the show this time. This show will be directed live following the form's structure. You will be part of a directed online improv show!

You will have six two hour classes to learn and practice the new form, develop characters, and rehearse tech. Then there are four one hour sessions to record the show series and get notes. Shows will stream on multiple online platforms Mondays with other Weegis LABS shows. You will need to use a browser for show sessions, and headphones are recommended.

STARTS: Feb 6, 9am-11am PT

Sign up:

If you like fun, and you like improv, these classes are for you. Help? Questions? More info? What would you like to learn in some other class, maybe? Took/saw a class at WGIS that you'd like run again? Reply to this email with a message!

Another online improv class!

Only Characters Point of View Drills - know and play character game, drills to discover POV fast and get in character's head not yours as bullets. One Day Workshop. February 11, 10am-12pm PT, online class for $30. Photo of Jen - white middle age woman short brown hair and glasses. Link to class at

Characters Only: Point of View Drills 

A solid POV will help you play your character’s game. Learn who your character really is and what they really think, quickly, near the top of the scene.

WHEN: Sunday Feb 11, 10am-12pm PT. Sign up:

Has inclusion spot offered. See page for details.

WGIS Class Update

Welcome to this section of the newsletter that has more classes.

Hello, you.

There are 2024 classes at World's Greatest Improv School (WGIS) (Weegis) that were listed on a webpage and also some of them below. If you have ANY questions about these classes, click reply and let me know.

January 2024

  • TONIGHT! Monday Jan 8, 5pm PT: Level 2: Organic Core (Jake Regal). Link
  • Wednesday Jan 17, 11am PT: Level 3: Premise Core (Sarah Claspell). Link
  • NEW! Thursday Jan 25, 11am PT: 1000 Group Scenes (Billy Merritt). Link
  • Sunday Jan 28, 8am PT: The Improviser's Checklist (Kevin Mullaney). Link
  • NEW! Wednesday Jan 31, 11am PT: Empathy Driven Improv (Jim Woods). Link

February and March have classes listed online too. Find them all here.

Submitted Classes

This class was submitted to the site, and it sounds excellent - click Read More to learn more and find a link to sign up! Class is on Jan 23rd!

Online Improv Jams
Upcoming Improv Jams

FIRST WGIS (weegis) Jams of 2024! The last improv jam of 2023 requested a tardigrade for the January jam poster... so there it is. The water bear in all its glory. And we get to enjoy ... that... all month long! (PS: I guess you can find them in moss and stuff, so the background image is moss. *taps head*).

Jams EVERY Friday at 11am and 5pm PT. Go to this link: ALL WGIS JAMS ARE AT THIS LINK: Zoom link

Remember to support the schools/orgs who host any free jams (etc) you attend by going to the odd class at the school or with the host. Supporting their work keeps the jams running and/or free!

Other Jams:

  • Thursday Jan 18, 9am PT: Queen City Comedy Long Form Jam. (Watch my Facebook or Instagram)
  • Thursday Feb 1, 9am PT: Queen City Comedy Long Form Jam. (Watch my Facebook or Instagram)

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Improv Livestreams
Free Improv Livestreams

Check out these upcoming livestreams. This is the LINK for all of the WEEGIS TWITCH listings. Listings with a link are at another location! 

  • Tuesday Jan 9th, 10am PT: Weegis Online Team Tuesday on Weegis Twitch.
  • Wednesday Jan 10th, 7pm PT: Weegis Online Team Big Tall Energy Show on Weegis Twitch.
  • Thursday Jan 11th, 5pm PT: Casino Boat on Weegis Twitch.
  • Thursday Jan 11th, 6:30pm PT: World's Nerdiest Improv Show (WNIS) (weenis) on Weegis Twitch.
  • Friday Jan 12th, 4pm PT: Weegis Online Team does an Improvised Podcast on Weegis Twitch.
  • Friday Jan 12th, 8pm PT: WizWorld LIVE on Twitch.
  • Tuesday Jan 16th, 10am & 4pm PT: Weegis Online Team Tuesday on Weegis Twitch.
  • Wednesday Jan 17th, 7pm PT: Weegis Online Team Big Tall Energy Show on Weegis Twitch.
  • Thursday Jan 18th, 5pm PT: Casino Boat on Weegis Twitch.
  • Thursday Jan 18th, 6:30pm PT: World's Nerdiest Improv Show (WNIS) (weenis) on Weegis Twitch.
  • Friday Jan 19th, 4pm PT: Weegis Online Team does an Improvised Podcast on Weegis Twitch.
  • Friday Jan 19th, 8pm PT: WizWorld LIVE on Twitch.

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Obligatory facts section

In 2021, TikTok users posted a rash of confessional videos using the hashtag #NotAPerfectPerson. These videos contained admissions of times they failed and embarassing moments with a soundtrack underlay that contained the lyrics "I'm not a perfect person." That soundtrack? The opening verse of 2004 hit "The Reason" by Hoobastank. 


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