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Dear really cool improv friends,

The year is under way and lots of things have started or are about to start. What, you say? Well... that's what this newsletter is here for. Sorry I missed last week's newsletter, but it was for reasons that I end up utilizing in my most recent podcast on improv details, observations and connections. Check that out here for the justification.

Before we get started!

If you want to go to the Thursday 9am PT jam, register ASAP! It's free but we need your name in asap. Thanks!

Check out the WNIS show on Thursday at 6:30pm PT LIVE (on Twitch) if you want to engage with an improv show and have your comments put up on the screen. We're testing it out and need YOUR help! We're also about to start lining up some guests, so if that should be you contact us on the same page. ALL DETAILS (and past eps) HERE!

Podcasts & Articles

More episodes of the Neurodiversity & Improv podcast are up on my Substack. Remember that these episodes are relevant to all improvisers regardless of neurotype.


Link: Episode 9: Masking and Improv - Being the voice of reason

Details: Have you had an issue being the voice of reason in scenes? Grounding a scene? This episode discusses what's "normal", weird, and how it can mess with our heads and scenes.

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Link: Episode 10: Hyperphantasia, Visual imagination & improv

Details: Notice your skills in visual imagination and visual processing to make your scenes even better. You don't need hyperphantasia, either.

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Link: Episode 11: Neurodivergent observation makes improv scenes better (ft. Isolation)

Details: We're excellent at observation due to our traits and The Neurodivergent Experience. Learn how to get even better at noticing details to level up skills like finding patterns & making connections.

Neurodiversity & Improv Podcast page (with subscribe box):

Two more episodes out of the World's Nerdiest Improv Show (WNIS) (weenis) with Katrina Charles. This show is hosted in a fully custom immersive environment, and we make some ads that roll in the middle.

We did a guest spot with Jace Spam recently! You can watch that show here. We DID IMPROV for this one. Actual honest to goodness improv (an improvised podcast monoscene to be exact.) 

Find episodes 4 (Butternut Mint Soup) and 5 (Tomato Cumin Soup) here!

WNIS Show page:



Another online improv class!

Only Characters Point of View Drills - know and play character game, drills to discover POV fast and get in character's head not yours as bullets. One Day Workshop. February 11, 10am-12pm PT, online class for $30. Photo of Jen - white middle age woman short brown hair and glasses. Link to class at

Characters Only: Point of View Drills (Sold out but waitlist is available!)

A solid POV will help you play your character’s game. Learn who your character really is and what they really think, quickly, near the top of the scene.

WHEN: Sunday Feb 11, 10am-12pm PT. Join waitlist:

Has inclusion spot offered that is available. See page for details.

WGIS Class Update

Welcome to this section of the newsletter that has more classes.

Hello, you.

There are 2024 classes at World's Greatest Improv School (WGIS) (Weegis) that were listed on a webpage and also some of them below. If you have ANY questions about these classes, click reply and let me know.

February 2024

NEW Podcast

I am so seriously excited about this new podcast!! Check out Katy's new pod at the link below. YAY!

Online Improv Jams
Upcoming Improv Jams

The following graphic says January but ITS THE SAME FOR FEBRUARY! It says Jan because I haven't made the Feb one yet. So ... GET READY FOR... a new image. Yeah, I oversold it right there.

Remember to support the schools/orgs who host any free jams (etc) you attend by going to the odd class at the school or with the host. Supporting their work keeps the jams running and/or free!

Jams EVERY Friday at 11am and 5pm PT. Go to this link: ALL WGIS JAMS ARE AT THIS LINK: Zoom link


Thursday Jams:

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Obligatory facts section

Some bands fall apart. But not all of them. I found out something surprising is that in the year 2024 there will be festivals featuring bands like Sum 41, Yellowcard performing after awhile. And another band that plans to both perform alongside of them and release new music? That's right. You got it. Hoobastank.


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