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Dear really cool improv friends,

We are well into February. I can't believe it's almost time to start germinating the tomatoes! Anyway let's talk about improv instead. 

I have some new improv resources for you this week. A written article about voice of reason, another podcast episode, and another couple show videos too.

Jams and classes too! Do you want to take part on a team doing a brand new form using to deliver it online in a creative new way? Then keep reading! (peak foreshadowing)

Podcasts & Articles

Another podcast episode of the Neurodiversity & Improv project, and a written version of episode 9 about voice of reason are up on Substack.

I will be switching to alternating between voice and text most likely, since there seems to be some interest in the text versions. I guess it's helpful? I am not sure so if you have feedback let me know!

Also thank you so much for the pledge made - much appreciated! 

Episode 12 finding the unusual thing and communicating beter in improv white text with green gradient background.


Link: Episode 12: Finding the unusual thing (and communicating better in scenes).

Details: Noticing the unusual at the top of an improv scene can be hard. Learn when and how to do it, especially if you're unusual too. And for everyone: this is how to communicate better with scene partners.

Masking & Improv - Being the voice of reason written version of the podcast pink gradient background

Link: Episode 12: Finding the unusual thing (and communicating better in scenes).

Details: Have you had an issue being the voice of reason in scenes? Grounding a scene? This written version of podcast episode 9 discusses what's "normal", weird, and how it can mess with our heads and scenes.

Neurodiversity & Improv Podcast page (with subscribe box):

Two more episodes out of the World's Nerdiest Improv Show (WNIS) (weenis) with Katrina Charles. This show is hosted in a fully custom immersive environment, and we make some ads that roll in the middle. You can also see just the comedy ads we release here:

Recent eps:

Episode 7: Ginger Turmeric Chickpea Noodle Soup: Link 

Episode 6: Chunky Tomato Mushroom Soup: Link

WNIS Show page:



Learn a new form & do custom streaming online show & podcast!

Improvised morning show

Join a performance team at WGIS! This improv class series starts Feb 28th with WGIS. You learn an improvised morning show form. We’ll learn and practice the form for six classes, and then do a four show series delivered both to video and podcast on the WGIS channels.



  • Character development.
  • Sustaining characters.
  • World building.
  • Adding details/specifics/point of view.
  • Clean unique edits.
  • Improv for audio delivery.
  • FUN! You’ll learn fun.

Questions? Reply to this email!

STARTS: Feb 28, 11am-1pm PT

Sign up:

Online Improv Jams
Upcoming Improv Jams

Jams EVERY Friday at 11am and 5pm PT. Go to this link: ALL WGIS JAMS ARE AT THIS LINK: Zoom link

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Remember to support the schools/orgs who host any free jams (etc) you attend by going to the odd class at the school or with the host. Supporting their work keeps the jams running and/or free!

Queen City Comedy Jams:

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Improv Livestreams
Free Improv Livestreams

Check out these upcoming livestreams. This is the LINK for all of the WEEGIS TWITCH listings. Listings with a link are at another location! 

  • Thursday Feb 15th, 6:30pm PT: World's Nerdiest Improv Show (WNIS) (weenis) on Weegis Twitch.
  • Friday Feb 16th, 8pm PT: WizWorld LIVE on Twitch.
  • Monday Feb 19th, 1pm PT: Empathy Driven Improv Class Show on Weegis Twitch.
  • Monday Feb 19th, 6:30pm PT: Now are the Foxes team show on Facebook.
  • Thursday Feb 22nd, 6:30pm PT: World's Nerdiest Improv Show (WNIS) (weenis) on Weegis Twitch.
  • Friday Feb 23rd, 8pm PT: WizWorld LIVE on Twitch.

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Other Improv Livestreams

Check out these upcoming livestreams from stages built with wood.

  • Holy Shit Improv: Link.
  • Last Improv Show: Feb 23.
  • Other Dynasty Typewriter Livestreams: Link.
  • Raaaatscraps: Link.
  • Other Caveat Livestreams: Link.

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Obligatory facts section

In 1998 the funk and ska rock CD demo called "They Sure Don't Make Basketball Shorts Like They Used To..." was self-released by a band called Hoobustank. That band was later known as Hoobastank.

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