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Keeping it relatable, but heightening, can be a fun, quick, easy way to create new ones.

Creating characters from the inside out keeps them relatable. But you can still be creative, have fun, and position yourself as the voice of reason or the fool. Get exercises helping you learn new ways of doing this. We'll explore POV, physical, and vocals too.

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CLASS: April 13, 10am-12pm PT

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Upcoming WGIS Classes

New classes in April

There are new multi-class series starting in April. See the class pages linked below for descriptions and more information.

  • Get Blamed: Be Funny (Sebastian Conelli) - Starts Sun Apr 14 10am (PDT)
  • Pull Premise Real Good & Use It Even Better (Sebastian Conelli) - Starts Mon Apr 15 5pm (PDT)
  • Advanced Finding the Game (Monika Smith) - Starts Tue Apr 16 11am (PDT)
  • Learn from Raaaats(craps) (Raaaatscraps) - Starts Tue Apr 16 5pm (PDT)
  • Only Murders: Four Forms (Billy Merritt) - Starts Thu Apr 18 11am (PDT)
  • Shoot from the Gut (Sebastian Conelli) - Starts Thu Apr 18 5pm (PDT)

Single-class workshops in April.

  • Get Weird: Confession Opening & Scenes (Michelle Gilliam) - Tue Apr 9 11am (PDT)
  • Only Characters: Do YOU, but heightened (Jen deHaan) - Sat Apr 13 10am (PDT)
  • 1000 Scenes (Billy Merritt) - Fri Apr 19 9am (PDT)
  • Only Mapping Scenes (Sarah Claspell) - Fri Apr 26 9am (PDT)
Free Improv Resources

Two more weeks, two more things on the Neurodiversity & Improv project on Substack. What is this site? I do a podcast or a long-form article on a weekly basis about how to do improv. 

It's applicable to all neurotypes (thinking modes), and it's especially relevant if you're thinking about how to learn (or teach) improv. If you're ADHD or autistic, or neurodivergent in some way, and/or do game-based improv.... that's my brain so it might be a bit extra relevant to you to see things through those lenses. Lensii. Lenspodes. Platypus.

Or that's the idea, anyway. 


Episode 14: Visual Imagery & Improv - Memory and recall 

PODCAST: Using visual imagination can help your improv scenes, but also help you remember details better. Part 2 of Ep. 10: Hyperphantasia, Visual Imagination & Improv.

Bottom-up Thinking & Improv: Plot-based sets

ARTICLE: Improvising plot-driven sets might not come quite as naturally to bottom-up thinkers. How do you figure out the type of thinker you are, and how does it affect different parts of your improv practice?

Neurodiversity & Improv Podcast page (with subscribe box and contact options):

More episodes out of the World's Nerdiest Improv Show (WNIS) (weenis) with Katrina Charles. We talk ABOUT IMPROV. Oh my word.

This is also offered as a PODCAST if you prefer to listen that way. 

We have had GUESTS. That could be you! We're flexible for scheduling. If you're interested, message us here.

Recent eps:

WNIS Show page with old eps and info: 


Online Improv Jams
Upcoming Improv Jams

Improv Jams are a fun way to get in reps, have fun, and meet new friends! Jams are NOT CLASSES with teaching, but instead a time to have a space to practice your skills with someone keeping the event safe and balanced. Maybe try something new. They are usually friendly for those new to improv to see what it's all about too! 

Remember to support the schools/orgs who host free jams (etc) you attend by going to the odd class at the school/host, or making a small donation to help with their overhead. Supporting the host keeps the jams running and/or free!

WGIS Long Form Improv Jams

Online Long Form Improv Jams from WGIS (Weegis) EVERY Friday at 11am and 5pm PT. I host some of these jams. I also post them weekly in the WGIS Facebook and Discord.



Other Jams:

Starting SUNDAY: Compass Improv Jams with me (Jen). Every second Sunday at 5pm PT for 90 min.

Next Jam: March 24th at 5pm PT.

SIGN UP HERE: Compass Improv Jams

Compass Improv Jam yellow background with headshot of jen. White text Improv Jam blue text bi-weekly online improv jam hosted by Jen deHaan and compass improv logo at bottom of image.

Ongoing Submitted Jams:

  • Audio Online Improv Jams: Mondays 4-6pm PT and Saturdays 2pm-4pm PT on . Open to all!

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Submitted Classes

Check out these great upcoming online improv classes! More info and a link to enroll on the linked Details page.

Improv Livestreams
Free Improv Livestreams

Check out these upcoming livestreams. This is the LINK for all of the WEEGIS TWITCH listings. Listings with a link are at another location! 

  • Thursday March 21st, 6:30pm PT: World's Nerdiest Improv Show (WNIS) (weenis)
  • Friday March 22nd, 8pm PT: WizWorld LIVE on Twitch.
  • Monday March 25th, 1pm PT: WGIS LABS Shows  and Organic Core Class Show on Weegis Twitch (Three shows! NEW!)
  • Thursday March 28th, 6:30pm PT: World's Nerdiest Improv Show (WNIS) (weenis) on Weegis Twitch.
  • Friday March 29th, 8pm PT: WizWorld LIVE on Twitch.

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Other Improv Livestreams

Check out these upcoming livestreams from stages built with wood. Watching these is a GREAT WAY TO LEARN IMPROV too! And they're great shows.

  • And Scene March 18 at 4pm PT Link.
  • Last Improv Show: March 22 at 7:30pm PT. Link.
  • Fuck this Month/Holy Shit Improv March 24 at 7:30pm PT Link.
  • Raaaatscraps: March 24 at 4:30pm PT. Link.
  • Other Dynasty Typewriter Livestreams: Link.
  • Other Caveat Livestreams: Link.
  • Other Holy Shit Improv: Link.

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In 2008 a Broadway musical was being developed/written based on Spiderman, called Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark. Songs were slated to be written by a band called Hoobastank, but they were removed from the project due to creative differences between Taymore and Hesse.

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  • Neurodiversity & Improv Substack (subscribe for free, or pledge. If enough folx are interested in pledging I will do bonus material for paid subscribers & open up a private discussion community on neurodivergent experiences in improv. Maybe a monthly livestream with a roundtable?)
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