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Hello improv friends!

Here's another improv newsletter of online improv stuff. Yay! I've enjoyed streaming some really fun shows from Dynasty Typewriter lately, and also started digging into old Varietopia and SponTourCo shows on Vimeo (on demand). Fun stuff, good learning!


This podcast from Improv4Humans also made me laugh (couple weegis teachers... and fun band, too).


If you know of anyone running online improv, please let them know they can list their events free on this site and they can be added to this newsletter! Register for the site, and then you can add and modify your events at any time. All of it is free for the community to keep online improv alive and running! Please help support the site and online improv just by sharing the fact it exists :)

Free Upcoming Jams

  • Friday June 16th, 11am PT: Weegis Long Form Jam. Zoom link.
  • Friday June 16th, 5pm PT: Weegis Long Form Jam. Zoom link.
  • Thursday June 22nd, 9am PT: Queen City Long Form Jam hosted by Jen. Register (free).

Upcoming Weegis Classes

New classes were recently added to Weegis! Check out some of the new classes just added to the site taught by Jim Woods, Billy Merritt, Michelle Gilliam, Will Hines and more.

Also see the featured Highwire class below!

Improv Nerd Chat

The first improv nerd chat will be on June 24th led by Will Hines! Details Here.



Free Online Shows

Free on Twitch:

Also mark your calendars for Saturday July 15th, 1pm PT to 9pm PT for this Holy Shit Improv festival on their Twitch stream. It's going to be incredible!


FEATURED CLASS: Six Ways to do Second Beats with BOC

With this workshop being on Zoom, Brian will share a piece of content from an endless trove including scenes from movies, television shows, local news broadcasts, and slice of life user-generated content. Participants will then get to try out a series of second beat scene ideas in the moment. Rinse, repeat, and get through as many as we can!

Class description:

  • WHEN: July 16th 2023, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
  • INSTRUCTOR: Brian James O’Connell
  • SCHOOL: Highwire Improv

MORE INFO on what you will learn, see the event page!

Second Beat Class LEARN MORE


Has online improv made a difference in your life? Want to share that on this website? Write it up, and send it to me (at this address or my gmail), and I'll get it up there with MANY THANKS!


Thanks for taking improv online! I hope to see you in a class or jam soon! Reply if you have any questions or just want to chat improv nerd stuff.



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