Online Improv Sure Is Great, amirite?
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Hello improv friends!

You know what? Online improv is pretty neat. I like it. OK on to the newsletter stuff.


Changes to improv calendar!

Behind the scenes, I've been working with the calendar plugin developer on a bug for five months. A second major bug just popped up, without the original one resolved, blocking pretty pertinent backend stuff. Oh no, most of you have fallen asleep. 


ANYWAY... I've now decided to figure out a new solution for the site because I'm (reasonably) not confident the bugs will be resolved any time soon, and they're pretty core to having things funnel into the improv calendar. Oh poop, you're asleep again. 


THE POINT: something new will be coming for adding your stuff to the site.


I'm really sorry this calendar is going away, especially since a few of you have just started adding things to it. If you have registered for the site, that same login will work with whatever I add/change here in the future.


Free Upcoming Jams

  • Friday July 21, 11am PT: WGIS Long Form Jam (Stan is hosting). Zoom link.
  • Friday July 21, 5pm PT: WGIS Long Form Jam (Adam is hosting). Zoom link.
  • Thursday July 27, 9am PT: Queen City Long Form Jam hosted by Jen. Register free.

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Upcoming Weegis Classes

A few new classes are starting this and next week. Classes with some space are:

I've only heard hella positive feedback about Nate's sketch class, in particular on the next-level support for being vulnerable. Just what you want when writing sketch stuff and/or you're like me and doing so is intimidating as heck.

Other Online classes

Check out these fun online drop-ins from The Playful Stage - Improvised Fairy Tales (July 31), Superheroes Unscripted (Aug 3), and a series on monologues (starts Aug 1).

July Improv Nerd Chat

This month’s online Improv Nerd Chat is Saturday, July 22nd at 9am PT (12pm ET)! The chat will be led by Head Nerds Alex Dickson and Achilles Stamatelaky, veteran improv performers and teachers (you may have seen both of them in Raaaatscraps). Find out more about our head nerds at their websites: and!


Bring yourselves and also your improv questions to the nerd chat. Learn and hang out with the Weegis community. Will we see you there? Please say yes.





Free Online Shows

Free on Twitch:

Have an online show or livestream you want on this list in the next newsletter? (Free or not free). Or maybe an improv podcast we should hear? Reply to this email.





Has online improv made a difference in your life? Want to share that on this website? Write it up, and send it to me (at this address or my gmail), and I'll get it up there with MANY THANKS!


Things are getting weird around the farm.


Thanks for taking improv online! I hope to see you in a class or jam soon! But seriously. Reply if you have any questions or just want to chat improv nerd stuff.



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